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5 Reasons Parents NEED to Attend the Cape Town Home Education Expo

You’ve probably considered homeschooling far more seriously in the past three years than ever before. Perhaps you were forced into it before you were ready or had had the chance to make a more informed, considered decision.

Maybe you tried homeschooling during the first lockdown, having rushed to buy into the first available online supplier you could find that looked good and ended up utterly frustrated. Now you’re beginning to wonder — maybe you’re not a bad homeschool parent, it’s just the approach and curriculum material you chose might not be the right fit for your family and available resources.

All the above scenarios are excellent reasons to pop into the Cape Town Home Education Expo on 1 October 2022, in Stellenbosch.

1.  Reconsider other approaches and materials

At the expo, you will have the opportunity to not only see what other options are available to you and your children, but also be able to meet and talk to different curriculum providers. Get your questions answered in person. Look through the material (if in book form) in person.
Various online education providers and support providers (tutoring companies) will be there, which means you can also compare them right then and there with your own criteria and reviews you’ve read.

2.  Listen to veteran homeschoolers share their tips

Parenting can feel so lonely, and this happens to homeschoolers too. Come and listen to some presentations by veteran homeschoolers who will give you real encouragement, share wisdom based on experience, and who will help lighten the load on your shoulders.
If your perspective has been squashed by stress, comparison, and critical opinions of other friends and family who don’t understand what you’re doing, and other life circumstances, you’ll find real hope here. You’ll be gently reminded that every child’s learning journey is meant to be unique and at their own pace. Yes, learning language and math and mastering life skills to be a valuable member of society is a must, but it will go better without undue pressure and comparison along the way.

3.  Connect with other homeschooling families

Again, the community is crucial for the well-being of every parent (regardless of how your children are educated!). In a world where so much happens online and productivity seems to be pressed out of every minute of the day, it’s so enriching to meet people in person who are on the same page.
There are other parents who have been through what you are going through, and who have overcome the challenges that currently keep you awake at night. Come and meet them, swap phone numbers, and chat between the stalls and over a lunch sandwich. (Yes, of course, there will be food stalls available!)

4.  See what is possible

Sometimes, an expo is just the thing to broaden your horizons of what’s possible in a more “free-range” education. Think of it as no longer being restricted to a menu with only one or two meals, but suddenly having a huge buffet available to you where you can choose from the best for every subject and skill, in every imaginable career direction. It’s an incredible time in education!
Don’t get bogged down by the broken system. Come and talk to families who are forging (and have been for years) a new way forward for youngsters that are relevant to the fast-evolving world of work.

5.  Plan a better education for 2023!

Remember that one of the best aspects of homeschooling is that if something is not working for you (even if it worked last year), it’s okay. You can change it! It doesn’t mean you and/or your child have failed. You are both growing, and that means that from time to time, you will tweak your approach, routine, curriculum, materials, planning, and pace. Yes, you can even change pace when challenging life circumstances demand it. No more worrying about keeping up or falling behind — behind who?

Take the day at the Cape Town Home Education Expo to look at your options, make notes on what you think can work for you and your children, and then take the time to plan what homeschooling will look like for your family in 2023. (Hint: it doesn’t have to look like someone else’s plan to be good enough!)

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