The newest way to learn Afrikaans FAL

The new Kliek workbooks offer a blended learning approach to teaching and learning First Additional Language Afrikaans. This series offers four new grade-specific workbooks for Grades 8, 9, 10 and a combined workbook for 11 & 12. This series allows learners to improve their skills in Afrikaans and to work at their own pace to complete activities in the workbook and online.

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 Improve English with these fun, easy-to-use books!

When there is an area of English that is difficult to understand and that learners struggle with, it is wonderful to have a helping hand to make things easier. The Language Gaps series offers just that kind of help!

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Verbeter in Afrikaans met hierdie prettige, gebruikers-vriendelike boeke!

Wanneer daar dele van Afrikaans is wat moeilik is om te verstaan, is dit wonderlik om ’n helpende hand te hê om dinge makliker te maak. Die Woordwys-reeks bied presies hierdie soort hulp aan!

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Grades 7-12

The remastered editions of this well-loved language title are the perfect resources for learning and teaching English for Generation Z.

These grade-specific titles offer a comprehensive selection of English exercises which provide learners with lots of practice of the rules of English language. An exciting new feature is that the workbooks are supported by online content which offers 1additional theory as well as interactive activities to reinforce what was studied.

All content of learning language is covered in each book and includes proficiencies such as visual literacy and summaries. This series gives the teacher the tools she needs to ensure that learners practice and grasp all concepts while actively engaging with the content and having fun doing so.


Foundation Phase

 Make reading fun and interactive with Alphakids Digital Library

Parents and educators, get access to a complete online Reading Scheme for Foundation Phase now!

With teachers and families teaching from home, books are more important than ever to stimulate young minds. Developing literacy is also fundamental in a learner’s long-term educational development.

We’re pleased to offer the Alphakids Digital Library which is a digital guided reading programme that offers a wide scope of interactive reading books and activities for Foundation Phase.


Fiela se kind – die drama & 10 gedigte is a fantastic new study guide aimed at bringing learning to life for Afrikaans learners. The study guide workbook is unique in that it combines both the drama and the poetry study, and it is further enhanced by its support of learning through Augmented Reality (AR).

The different texts each have images which the learners can scan with a smart device in order to access an animation or slideshow for further study. This engages learners and makes them eager to learn while making the content easier to understand.

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Research on Home Education

Research on home education consistently proves that home learners

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Homeschooling and the law

Home schooling was recognized in 1996 in the SA Schools Act.

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History of homeschooling in SA

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Learning centre overview

Homeschool, micro-school, learning centre, unregistered private

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Start a Learning Centre

Important considerations when starting a learning centre

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Find a learning centre

There are various ways to find learning centres. Since there is

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Support Groups

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Education Solutions from Preschool to Grade 12


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