We offer children in South Africa the opportunity to begin their career in academia in a setting which allows them to reach some of the highest levels of international acclaim imaginable.

British International Distance College is a Cambridge course provider and offers the following services:

  • Our Tutors are Cambridge Trained and teach the courses to full time students.
  • Our Tutors understand the needs and difficulties of self-study.
  • Our Tutors are knowledgeable about Cambridge exam requirements.
  • Our detailed work programmes provide weekly consolidation activities to assist the student. Online work is incorporated.
  • Our Tutorials and laboratory practicals at our well-equipped College ensure the best exam preparation at no extra cost.
  • Student Advisors mentor students through the course at no extra cost.
  • Assignments are set by Tutors and are marked to Cambridge standards at no extra cost.
  • Cambridge recommended Textbooks are provided at no extra cost.
  • Syllabi and past exam papers are standard issue combined with carefully selected course material all at no extra cost.
  • We offer a very wide range of subjects.
  • We have our own examinations centres across South Africa.
  • Our students have access to our helpline which offers the student support throughout the year of study at no extra cost.

Contact a Student Advisor at 0117067199, or visit our web page www.britishinternationalcollege.co.za today to plan your studies!

Wingu Academy is a cloud-based platform offering educational support to homeschoolers, schools and tutor centres with an emphasis on quality, affordable education for the African continent. Wingu Academy boasts live classes and tutorials, 4IR aligned interactive online content and assistance with remote assessment. Wingu Academy has its head office on the University of Pretoria campus nestled in the TuksNovation accelerator program (UP’s high-tech business incubator and accelerator).

The platform has been developed by UP alumni and post-graduate students from various backgrounds, teachers and in collaboration with researchers at the Wits School of Education. The focus of the platform is to deliver an international curriculum that is relevant globally. A truly blended approach is followed, with a focus on student-led learning, gamification, instant constructive feedback and alignment to the major international curriculums. The educational approach is at the forefront of the current state of the art.

Read more: Wingu Academy

Why enrol with Learnalot?

With Learnalot, you have the flexibility to prepare online for your GED® with our online learning platform, together with the private one-on-one online lessons and support from our highly experienced tutors. There is no need to feel alone in your journey, we will be with you every step of the way, all you need to do is enrol.

When you enrol with Learnalot, you are joining a passionate learning community that is committed to helping students pass their GED®.

In addition to the private one-on-one online tutoring and support, Learnalot students also get access to our world-famous online learning platform. This online platform offers personalised learning for every student, ensuring that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our platform offers real-life, practical resources that enable students to learn at their own pace, with lessons tailored for them, which promotes faster learning.

Read more: Prepare for GED with Learnalot

Imperial International College offers Online Education for High School, in particular IGCSE and AS-Levels (Grades 10 - 12); and is the ideal vehicle for students (and adults) who prefer to study online and via distance, in order to prepare them to write these prestigious examinations and school-leaving qualification.

Our online support includes video lectures, daily lesson plans, assessments and memoranda, as well as Tutor Support via telephone and e-mail. All this and more is geared to assist our students to walk away with an AS-Level (Grade 12) qualification, with Matric exemption.

This highly respected, international qualification is accepted by all universities in South Africa and by many other institutions around the world.

We have a January and June intake annually for both IGCSE and/or AS-Levels; and each is designed to be completed over 18 months.

To apply, kindly complete an Application Form and forward accordingly to us at I.I.C.

 Or, for more information, please contact us.

Tel:                 +27 11 465 6049

E-mail:           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web:              www.iic-online.com

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