Skuif na Prestasie

Skaakhandleiding en Skaakreels vir Skole, Ouers en Leerlinge.

Riglyne vir verbeterde konsentrasie en akademiese prestasie vir alle kinders.

Besoek ‘n omvattende webtuiste met verskeie onderwerpe, bv. skaak, skole, beesrasse ens. ens.

Weens ouderdom en gesondheid is ek verplig om af te skaal, daarom bied ek die skaakboek “SKUIF na PRESTASIE” aan u vir slegs R80 as u 10 of meer neem, dan slegs vir R60. Verkoop steeds teen R160. Omtrent elke gemeenskap het studente wat hier studeer, wat posgeld sal spaar, as u reël dat hulle die boeke hier kom afhaal.

Chris Greyling
083 277 7220
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The Maths Gaps series is designed to help Foundation Phase learners to overcome the areas that they struggle with in Maths as soon as possible so that the problems don’t continue in later years. It also helps learners to develop a sound mathematical understanding in the early years.

The Maths Gaps series is a useful practice and intervention tool that can be used in the classroom and at home by teachers and parents.

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A new series of Science activity books
Hands-on Science activities for young learners – A step-by-step guide for ECD practitioners and Foundation Phase teachers

The books in this series include a range of fun activities to instil a love for Science in young learners and to help them better understand the world they live in.

You don’t need to be a Science teacher to use the activities in this book – all activities are presented in a clear, step-by-step way.

No special equipment or resources are needed. Resources are generally common household objects and are easy and inexpensive to source


School Accounting Made Easy


Internet lessons in Afrikaans and English

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Legal & Research

Legal Status

Home Education is legal in South Africa and internationally.

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Homeschool Research

Research consistently proves that homelearners perform better.

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History of homeschooling in South

History of home education in South Africa   Home schooling (which

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Start a Learning Centre

Important considerations when starting a learning centre

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Learning centre overview

Regulatory environment & support for learning centres

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How to find a learning centre

Since there is no central registry of learning centres, they are

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Homeschool ABC



Popular homeschooling approaches and styles ...

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5 Easy steps to start homeschooling ...

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How to choose a curriculum for your family ...

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Support Groups

Parents living in the same area that support each other. ....... ...


Tutors provide additional support to homeschooling parents. ... ...

Homeschool Forums

Where homeschoolers in South Africa discuss and share ... ...

Homeschool family blogs

Blogs by homeschooling families sharing their experiences and advice. ...


Physical Development Life Skills ...

- CARPE DIEM -Seize the DayUse the OpportunityHelp children … so ...

School Accounting Made Easy

SCHOOL ACCOUNTING MADE EASY Internet lessons in Afrikaans and ...


Martie du Plessis from Dynamis, an educational consultant, home ...

Imperial International College

Imperial International College offers Online Education for High ...

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