At IGOaanlyn/EGDonline the student will:

  • Have full access to educator support
  • Work flexible hours
  • Learn to draw
  • Teaches according to skill and not according to grade

Have full access to educator support

IGOaanlyn/EGDonline has a qualified educator with years of teaching experience in Engineering Graphics and Design as well as in Mechanical Technology. Part of his experience includes marking the final grade 12 National Senior Certificate (Matric) exam. He has found a method to help Engineering Graphics and Design learners outside the classroom to achieve their full potential.

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When there’s an area of mathematics that’s difficult to understand, it’s wonderful to have a helping hand to make things easier. The Maths Gaps series offers just that kind of help! The eight Maths Gaps books for Foundation Phase, and the five Maths Gaps for Intermediate Phase, will help learners to overcome problem areas so that these don’t continue into later years.

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Max Maths primary offers a highly effective approach to teaching maths, based on research and substantial evidence, where ALL pupils succeed. Each core mathematics concept is taught through the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) method. This methodology ensures learners learn to think mathematically as opposed to learning by rote topics and concepts they just don’t understand.

Max Maths primary: A Singapore Approach will help them to develop higher-level cognitive skills which will support deeper learning and enable greater progression.

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Max Science primary is a highly engaging and effective scheme based on the most successful teaching methodologies used in world science today. The programme utilises Enquiry Based Learning which allows learners to fully engage with the concepts they are learning and makes learning contextualised to their own experiences and curiosities.

Max Science primary introduces learners to the key concepts and topics of primary biology, chemistry and physics with carefully-scaffolded resources that build knowledge and confidence throughout the course. All the content has been written by a highly experienced and knowledgeable author team. As well as following the most effective approaches for mastering scientific skills, our titles focus on the challenges posed by scientific language and are carefully designed to promote fluency of scientific language and terminology.

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Step into Science is Macmillan’s new series of science activity books. The books in this series include a range of fun activities, each based on a scientific or technological principle. You don’t need to be a science teacher to use this book – the activities are presented in a clear, easy-to-use way, listing the resources needed and the steps to follow for each activity.

These features have been carefully designed to help teachers/parents bring scientific learning into the classroom.

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bettermarks® is a highly interactive maths learning and teaching solution which has thousands of exercises offering a personalised problem-solving experience! The program identifies errors immediately and then provides learners with real-time feedback and tips to help them improve. 

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