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Learn, Code and Create with ubbu

Fantastic News! We're excited to share a major milestone – Macmillan Education Southern Africa is teaming up with ubbu, an online coding programme for primary schools.

As technology opens new doors for teachers and learners, we use our expertise to partner with companies that share our mission in helping curious minds achieve great things throughout their lives.

Macmillan shares ubbu’s vision of making quality education in computer science a reality for every child, while supporting teachers navigating the changing landscape of digital education.

ubbu’s sustainable narrative and STEAM-focused approach isn't just transforming education it's inspiring children to create a sustainable future. Together, we're expanding new horizons and advancing learning.

To learn more about ubbu, book your appointment with one of our sales consultants today!

Watch the demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTHJrsOFn4

Click here to view the brochure: http://tinyurl.com/452ydbav

Contact us on:

Customer Services
Tel: 011 731 3300
Fax: 011 731 3500
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.macmillan.co.za



Solutions for all
Coding and Robotics
Foundation Phase Workbooks and Teacher’s Guides


Ignite curiosity. Empower 21st century learners!

The Solutions for all Coding and Robotics series aims to spark curiosity in young learners for coding and robotics, essential skills in today's tech-focused world.

Tailored for the next generation of tech enthusiasts, the Workbook combines engaging content, hands-on activities, and real-world applications to make learning exciting.

A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide offers clear step-by-step instructions for each lesson, eliminating the need for additional lesson plans. It also boosts novice teachers' confidence in delivering this new subject.

Our Coding and Robotics solutions aren't just limited to textbooks. With dedicated teacher support through workshops, webinars, and online teaching tips, you'll feel confident implementing the curriculum using our Solutions for all Coding and Robotics series, guiding your learners through the exciting world of technology effectively.

Watch the video to discover more about the features of the Solutions for all Coding and Robotics series: https://youtu.be/vf6szmi0z40?si=C5AjS98bwT0aoNUF

Click here to view the brochure: http://tinyurl.com/yc6s8x7w

Contact us:

Customer Services
Tel: 011 731 3300
Fax: 011 731 3500
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.macmillan.co.za




Dynamic Learning offers Mathematics video tutorials for grades 10 to 12.


Designed by educational professionals and psychologists, with two decade of experience, DL Maths considers a child’s individual learning style and cognitive ability in order to create study material that is not only easy to learn, but easy to understand.


DL Maths take visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles into consideration and produces not only step-by-step video lessons broken down into small easy to learn sections, but also includes exercises for each chapter, detailed memos of how to tackle each individual question and summary notes covering everything any student will need to complete their course successfully. Furthermore, DL maths provides students with questions taken from past examination papers and detailed memorandums of how to tackle these questions.


We are offering a 75% off promotion on our grade 10 material for 2024.


For more details about us, and this promotion, visit our website at www.dlmaths.com


Watch our free videos on our YouTube channel at @dlmaths.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



At IGOaanlyn/EGDonline the student will:

  • Have full access to educator support
  • Work flexible hours
  • Learn to draw
  • Teaches according to skill and not according to grade

Have full access to educator support

IGOaanlyn/EGDonline has a qualified educator with years of teaching experience in Engineering Graphics and Design as well as in Mechanical Technology. Part of his experience includes marking the final grade 12 National Senior Certificate (Matric) exam. He has found a method to help Engineering Graphics and Design learners outside the classroom to achieve their full potential.

Read more: Engineering Graphics and Design


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