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1. Why do you homeschool?

Many homelearners just never go to school as their parents decide to continue teaching them as they have always done as from birth. Some kids stay on farms and homeschool rather than going to a hostel. Other kids home school because they were bullied at school while others find it a better fit academically as they can set their own pace of learning and can choose the content and quality of the study material.

2. Don't you sometimes wish you were in school and were normal?

No, I like being homeschooled. Some homelearners go to school for the experience but many return to homeschooling as within the homeschool environment they can pursue their interests. We feel ourselves as normal as school kids. There are public school children and home schoolers who do things differently and who will not be described as normal by society.

3. Do you have any friends?

Yes, we do. Our friends are other homeschoolers and children from public schools Some of us have a lot of friends whilst others prefer just a few close friendships. .We make friends the same way as public school children do by spending time with others who share our interest and values. Our friends are people we meet at sports clubs, church, band practice, homeschool outings etc, and for may our brothers and sisters are some of our best friends.

3. Do you actually do school work at home?

Yes, in general we have the same subjects as the schools like reading, writing, arithmetics, science, history and art. We just choose the curriculum content and form which coincide with our interest, learning style and values.

4. Don't you want to go to university?

If you have a matric with exemption you can go to university. Most homelearners get a matric and many go to university. Some study full time while others study through distance learning while working at their business or part time job. Some homeschoolers obtain qualification through shorter courses to be more versatile in the work place.

5. Don't you want to go to a matric dance?

Some homeschool groups organize social and matric dances which their public school friends are also invited to and visa versa where home schoolers are sometimes invited to a public school matric dance.

6. Do you get holiday breaks?[b]

Yes, we take breaks. Some homeschool families follow the public school year calendar especially if they are involved in sport and music activities. Other families prefer to take breaks out of season as it is much cheaper to go on holiday.

[b]7. Are most homeschoolers smart?

There are homelearners who are very smart but also those who need to work hard to obtain their matric. It is the same as in public and private schools where there are smart kids but also those who need to work harder. Most homeschoolers are average.

8. Do you write tests and exams?

Most homelearners only prepare for tests and exams to obtain an official certificate, for example for music, cambridge or matric. Some homeschoolers who follow a structured curriculum from a curriculum provider whose study material are alined with the school curriculum, regularly write test and exams.

9. Do you get homework?

In general all our schoolwork is homework and we do not get to do extra work in the afternoons. A tutor might give some extra work to complete for the next session.

10.Do you see other people (except family) during the day?

Most homelearners have extra murals like sport, music and scouts in the afternoons. Some families meet with other homeschoolers for outings or socials during a week morning. There are also families who get together and share lesson plans while others organize a group around hobbies like lego, woodwork, etc.
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