Excel Labs
Practical science in an equipped lab
Excel LABS is a provider of practical science lessons, in Sandton, Johannesburg. We offer practical classes for children from age 10 to A-Level learners.
Primary phase learners will gain insight into the world of life science, physical science, and earth & space science through a comprehensive course of practical activities. Designed to instill a love for learning and questioning the world around us, young learners aged 10 to 12, will be guided through a series of exciting topics. Learners aged 12-15 embark on more challenging activities, deepening their knowledge and understanding of the sciences and laying a foundation toward further study in Grades 10-12, IGCSE, and A-Levels.
Secondary phase learners are introduced to lab procedures, including safety, etiquette, and equipment usage. Learners work at individual, equipped lab stations, providing essential practical skills and access to specialized equipment. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry practical courses are offered at IGCSE and AS levels. Our courses are in line with the CAIE syllabi and exam requirements, although the skills developed are advantageous for students of all curricula.  
Full-day exam preparation workshops and the 6-week ExamCRAM courses offer intensive practical training to learners who have little to no practical experience and are unable to attend regular practicals throughout the year. These courses and workshops run each April and September for IGCSE and AS students preparing for the CAIE practical examinations.
Contact us to book your place. Discounts for multiple subjects and siblings.
Centers, tutors, and homeschool co-ops are welcome to enquire about group packages and customizable courses, tailored to your learners' needs.
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Ginini Academy is an EdTech home education content provider for parents who opt for home-education over traditional schooling or parents who require additional content at an affordable monthly fee

 We cater for:

  • Foundation phase
  • Intermediate phase
  • Senior phase

Every learner registered with us will be introduced to coding at no cost.


 Why Us

  • Learners will receive access to our learning portal
  • Through Virtual Reality technology, we bring the curriculum to life by visiting far-flung corners of the world, Human anatomy systems, Atomic structures or even landing on the Moon..!
  • Learners will receive live coding lessons once a week
  • Learners shall be able to replay lessons
  • Learners will be provided with an electronic daily attendance register to manage scholar attendance
  • Provide learners with the basic knowledge needed to succeed in school
  • Grade 1s - 3s & 7s will be introduced to CAPS aligned coding and robotics, introduced by the Department of Education from 2023. The learners will be assisted with the activities covered in the subject and will be able to purchase Coding & robotics kits on www.gininiacademy.co.za


www.gininiacademy.co.za | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 087 550 3289 | 083 307 3894




STEAM for Kids education is a digital skills programme for kids between the age of 5 & 16 years. Our courses extend beyond the classroom to embrace a wide range of extra-curricular activities for home-schoolers and traditional school goers.

Our online & face-to-face programmes include science, engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, arts and crafts, and exploratory workshops. We use technology to move beyond the classroom walls and transform education with new e-skills development.


We are developing the digital innovators and technology experts of tomorrow!


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum includes CAPS-aligned coding & robotics subject, Scratch, Scratch Jnr, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, React Native languages, and many more.

Programme on offer includes:

  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Drone coding
  • Mobile Development
  • 3D/4D printing technology
  • Chatbot coding
  • Web Development
  • Face-recognition coding
  • Self-driving car coding
  • Digital security
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Unplugged coding
  • Exploration workshops
  • Augmented reality & Virtual Reality
  • CAPS-aligned Coding & Robotics Learner books for Grade 1-3 & 7
  • Etc.


Our approach and programme support intend to better prepare learners for the critical skills they need for
the digital economy.

No coding experience is required!

Engage us

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.steam4kids.co.za | 083 307 3894| 087 550 3289

Social media handles

Facebook| @steam4kids coding club
Instagram| @steam_4kids
Twitter | @steam4kids
Youtube | @steam4kids education





The A.C.E. programme is uniquely suited to home education, developing character in learners while learning is taking place.

The A.C.E. programme:

  • is Bible-based,
  • has a truly individualised approach,
  • is based on the principle of mastery learning,
  • nurtures your child’s unique talents,
  • has fully worked out modules,
  • is self-instructional and self-paced,
  • is suitable for the South African context,
  • includes online supplementary resources,
  • is available from Grades R-12.

The A.C.E. programme promotes:

  • character building – learners are taught not only how to make a living, but also how to live!
  • a love for learning – guiding individuals to achieve their full potential.
  • wholesome, traditional values are built into the learning process.
  • accountability – learners take responsibility for their own learning.
  • reasoning skills – learners learn to think creatively and problem-solve.
  • goal setting – a skill that sets them up for success throughout life.


A.C.E. - Where Academic Excellence and Character Matter!

Accelerate your child to their full potential in Christ by introducing them to the A.C.E. experience!

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our innovative education solutions at 087 820 4858 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Love2Learn offers a comprehensive, modular curriculum, designed to produce excellent academic results, both within the context of homeschooling as well as small-class, school environments.

The Curriculum is packed with beautiful, full-color, living books; and enriched with exciting hands-on activities, as well as internet and video links. Catering uniquely for Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning styles, we aim to instill in children, a lifelong passion for learning!

Love2Learn removes the pain and “drain” of lesson preparation, by incorporating comprehensive lesson plans (we call them Engine Rooms!), which guide a parent or teacher through each subject across a period of 36 weeks (one academic year). Our lesson plans even allow for a one-room-schoolhouse approach, meaning that you can teach different ages all at the same time - remaining true to the principles of Charlotte Mason!

Love2Learn spans Grades 00 – Grade 9; and thereafter, through Imperial International College – Online Education for High School, a division of Love2Learn, we offer British IGCSE (Grades 10 and 11) and AS-Levels (Grade 12); an international school-leaving qualification with Matric exemption. It is the ideal vehicle for students (and adults) who prefer to study online and via distance, in order to prepare them to write these prestigious examinations and school-leaving qualification.

Read more: Love2Learn Curriculum


ʼn Afrikaanse tuisonderwys kurrikulum met Christelike beginsels van internasionaal geykte akademiese standaard.


Moria Tuisskoolmateriaal verskaf onderrigmateriaal vir tuisskole en privaatskole van graad 0 tot 9 in Afrikaans.


Na graad 9 volg die internasionaal erkende “IGCSE, AS-” en “A”-vlak kwalifikasies in Engels. Dit open deure na tersiêre instellings wêreldwyd. 


Moria se materiaal is ontwikkel uit verskeie wêreldklas leerplanne en word deurgaans aangepas deur vakspesialiste.


Die stelsel is waardegedrewe, Bybelgefundeerd, en erken ons Afrikaner-kultuur en −geskiedenis. By Moria word Afrikaans gekoester, daarom word dit op ʼn hoë vlak onderrig.


Ingesluit by die prys is ouergidse, leerderboeke, antwoordsleutels, jaarbeplanners en hulpmiddels.  Hiermee kan Moria-ouers die jongspan gemaklik onderrig.


Vir meer inligting:




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Tel: 018 294 6504


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Founded in 1894, Wolsey Hall Oxford is the world’s most experienced homeschooling online provider. With our state-of-the-art online learning platform and an outstanding Tutor team, we’re delivering courses from Primary and Lower Secondary through to IGCSE and A level to students in South Africa and over 120 countries around the world.

Our courses

We provide a flexible, enjoyable, varied, and multi-media method of studying that helps to develop independent learners. Our courses do not include any timetabled online lessons as students work through course materials at their own pace. However, all of our courses include enrichment and enhancement video to complement, extend or test knowledge. Each module has an assignment that is marked by our fully qualified and experienced Tutors who provide detailed and encouraging feedback.

We also pride ourselves on the support we provide to our students. Our Learning Support Team has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding specific learning needs and wellbeing. Whether you are looking for advice or support for your child, our team is here to listen and guide you.

Discover more

Our Student Stories provide an insight into life studying with Wolsey Hall. Learn more about our homeschooling college at: wolseyhalloxford.org.uk


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