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Dynamic Learning offers Mathematics video tutorials for grades 10 to 12.


Designed by educational professionals and psychologists, with two decade of experience, DL Maths considers a child’s individual learning style and cognitive ability in order to create study material that is not only easy to learn, but easy to understand.


DL Maths take visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles into consideration and produces not only step-by-step video lessons broken down into small easy to learn sections, but also includes exercises for each chapter, detailed memos of how to tackle each individual question and summary notes covering everything any student will need to complete their course successfully. Furthermore, DL maths provides students with questions taken from past examination papers and detailed memorandums of how to tackle these questions.


We are offering a 75% off promotion on our grade 10 material for 2024.


For more details about us, and this promotion, visit our website at www.dlmaths.com


Watch our free videos on our YouTube channel at @dlmaths.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Giving children the best start in life means ensuring them quality early learning.


Make this happen with Macmillan Education’s variety of resources for ECD and Grade R.


Follow this link to view our extensive range of ECD & Grade R products: https://bit.ly/3LsvRV4



Contact us on:

Customer Services

Tel: 011 731 3300

Fax: 011 731 3500

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.macmillaneducation.co.za


Syllabis Learning strives to be the leading provider of Standards-based homeschooling solutions in South Africa for grades RR – 12. Our curriculum is a blended curriculum, meaning it comprises Traditional Textbooks, Internally generated and developed Study Guides and Assessment Materials, as well as rich, multimedia-based internet content. Whatever your home setup, Syllabis Home Education can accommodate you.

We specialize in the provision of cutting-edge Home Schooling solutions for the South African market. All of our content is written and developed by qualified teachers and curriculum experts.

Syllabis Home Education offers a refreshing new choice to the learner of the digital age. We have put together various blended learning solutions for grades R – 12. All of our solutions are fully compliant with the South African curriculum standards (CAPS).

Taking control of one’s education places the responsibility in the hands of both parents and learners alike. Our component-based learning plans empower students of all ages to successfully complete a home based education in a distance learning like environment. It's like having your own virtual school right in your hands. The curriculum consists of a blended mix between online lessons, textbooks, study plans and practical projects and assignments.

We see our role as assisting the parent/guardian/tutor in maintaining a high standard of education by standardization of the curriculum as well as presenting study material to the learner in a simple, concise and understandable way.

Please note that Syllabis Home Education is a registered distance learning organisation, advisor and curriculum provider to South African families looking for alternative education solutions for their children. Our solutions are flexible, affordable and of the highest quality.

Syllabis home-schooling offers a progressive schooling method, in which learners are educated at home instead of in traditional public or private schools where methods have hardly changed in over a century. The core idea of home-schooling/independent learning is the idea that children need to learn at the speed, and in the style, most appropriate for them. We offer courses from grade R to grade 12 at a reasonable price. If you are looking for more pricing information, please click HERE.

We are recognized by the Department of Education (DOE) and will help any student that registers with us with the registration with the DOE. If you want more information on this subject, please click HERE.

Syllabis home-schooling offers many benefits, such as the development of time management skills and critical thinking skills. When the learner is put in charge of their time management, they can think for themselves. Register today, and start your transition to learning on your own, in the comfort of your home.

If you wish to register with Syllabis, follow the link and complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

We pride ourselves on great communication with our customers, please use the following details to get in touch:

Visit our website: homeschooling.syllabis.co.za
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Call Us: 087 150 9461 / 087 808 6972
Instagram URL: #syllabislearning




🚀 Elevate Your Child's Homeschooling Journey with The Learning Studio in Kuils River, Cape Town! 📚

Attention Busy Homeschooling Parents in Kuils River and beyond!

🌟 Are you juggling work and homeschooling? Are you looking for a learning centre that can support your child exactly the way you would at home? Discover the ultimate support system for your child's education at The Learning Studio – where learning meets innovation! 🎓✨

Why Choose The Learning Studio?

🔍 Expert Monitoring and Support: We stand by your child every step of the way, ensuring they grasp every concept. Our tutors are here to answer questions and provide guidance while they watch videos and complete activities.

🎯 Personalized Tutoring: If a topic feels tricky, our tutors jump in! We offer personalized tutoring sessions, ensuring your child fully understands every subject.

📚 Comprehensive Resources: We bridge knowledge gaps with tailored printed resources and engaging videos, making learning exciting and accessible.

Time Management Mastery: We teach essential time management skills, empowering your child to balance study and play effectively.

📝 Exam Prep Expertise: Prepare for exams with confidence! Our expert guidance helps your child study efficiently, ensuring they're ready to excel.

🔐 Think Digital Academy Exam Invigilation: For Think Digital Academy students, we provide a secure exam environment, ensuring integrity and fairness during tests.


Empower your child with the tools they need to thrive academically and beyond. Enroll now and watch them flourish! 🌱✨


Visit us on www.learning-studio.co.za or WhatsApp us on 0649149588 to enrol now


🚀 Unlock Your Child's Potential with The Learning Studio Online Courses! 📚

Read more: The Learning Studio


Leories Akademie is 'n bekostigbare, passievolle


Graad R – 11




Leerders ontvang weekliks lesse vir al die vakke met werkskaarte en lesmateriaal




In ons klaskamers is daar geleentheid vir vrae, sowel as ons Telegramgroepe per graad.


  Assesserings, rapporte & sertifikate


Kwartaalliks ontvang leerders toetse/eksamens en dan na afloop, ontvang hul rapporte en sertifikate.


Ons verskaf nie net die kurrikulum nie, maar vat hande met ons ouers om hul te help en die nodige leiding te gee vir suksesvolle tuisonderrig.



 www.leories.co.za            087 550 0434





Parents and educators – these popular reading books with outstanding track record of success are available in South Africa for the first time ever - at affordable prices!

The Sunrise Readers are a reading scheme consisting of a delightful series of carefully structured reading books, to be used in the first years of a child’s  education.

The vocabulary accumulates gradually and the children are soon reading lively, interesting stories.

The Sunrise Readers consist of twelve books, taking your child from pre-reading to reading competency. They are different from other similar available reading schemes in that their context is local, and relevant for the children of Africa. Also, they have a well-proven track record of success with children of all cultures in Zimbabwe - their reputation having been established for over thirty years. Our simple, user-friendly approach to teaching reading has made them effective and very popular with parents, children and teachers alike.

The step-by-step parents’/teachers’ manual is available to read online, or as a free downloadable PDF on our website – along with many other free helpful resources like games, word cards and work sheets.

Visit our website: https://sunriseliteracy.com/

Contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Published in Cape Town by Sunrise Educational Publishing (Pty) Ltd 



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