Home education is a growing phenomenon in Africa. This page provides information on home education in African countries outside Africa for people that plan to move there.


Homeschooling is legal. There is no explicit law in Botswana requiring parents to send their children to school. It is a growing movement in this country. Click here to view a video on homeschooling in this country. Home education also came to the attention to the general public when it became known that the daughter of the president is home educated.

Visit a facebook group called "Homeschooling in Gaberone / Botswana" at www.facebook.com/Homeschooling-in-GaboroneBotswana-947634931942310/ to get into contact with homeschooling families in the country.


Homeschooling is uncommon, but there are a number of families who are currently homeschooling. The current education law does not specifically address homeschooling.


Although the legal status of home education in uncertain, it seems to be a large and growing movement in this country. A number of online resources are available.


Homeschoolers currently take the position that homeschooling is not specifically addressed in the law. Following the implementation of the Basic Education Act (No. 14 of 2013), some government and school officials now say that homeschooling is illegal. However, homeschoolers are continuing to pursue amendments to the education law in parliament to explicitly recognize homeschooling. In addition, the Alternative Education Policy recognizes non-formal education. Currently, there is no interaction between homeschoolers and government.

More information can be found at:

  • Elimu Nyumbani is a non-profit organization that equips and supports homeschooling families. Click here to visit their website.
  • The East Africa Community of Homeschoolers (EACH) promotes home education in the East African region. Click here to visit their Facebook page.


Contact Grace Tish via WhatsApp at +254 72 053 3780 to get into contact with homeschoolers in Malawi.


Join a facebook group called "Homeschooling / Tuisskool Windhoek, Nambia" consisting of homeschooling families mainly from Namibia at www.facebook.com/groups/homeschooling.nam

Marie Kuhlmann is a homeschool consultant based in Namibia. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +264 81 838 2171.


Although the legal status of home education in uncertain, it seems to be a large and growing movement in this countries. A number of online resources are available.


Law in Rwanda seems to make provision for home education. Art. 7 of LAW NO 36/2018 OF 29/06/2018 DETERMINING THE ORGANIZATION OF EDUCATION states the following : "Education within the family is provided by the parents, guardians and people who stay with the child. Its aim is to provide a child with knowledge and ethical values." Furthermore art. 28,29 states : "The Government sets guidelines for family education, makes follow-up on the implementation thereof and provides support where necessary. Parents must provide good education to their children and other children under their care. Also, parents must cater for the welfare of the children to ensure their healthy development. "


Homeschooling is a growing educational option in Uganda, although not yet explicitly defined in the law. Education is compulsory, according to National Objective XVIII in the Uganda Constitution (1995). “Education” in the constitution and the Education Act is commonly assumed to mean school attendance. However, the constitution clearly protects the right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children:

  • Art. 31(4): It is the right and duty of parents to care for and bring up their children.
  • Art. 34(2): A child is entitled to basic education which shall be the responsibility of the State and the parents of the child.

There are a number of resources:


There is a homeschool academy in Lusaka that helps parents all over the country to homeschool. You can visit their website at www.ehsa-zm.com or find them on Facebook www.facebook.com/Emmanuel-Home-School-Academy-Zambia-377868488912737/


The legal status of home education is uncertain, but it is a growing movement in this country.

Visit a facebook group called "Homeschooling in  Zimbabwe" at www.facebook.com/homeschoolzim/ to get into contact with homeschooling families in the country.




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