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🌟 Are you juggling work and homeschooling? Are you looking for a learning centre that can support your child exactly the way you would at home? Discover the ultimate support system for your child's education at The Learning Studio – where learning meets innovation! 🎓✨

Why Choose The Learning Studio?

🔍 Expert Monitoring and Support: We stand by your child every step of the way, ensuring they grasp every concept. Our tutors are here to answer questions and provide guidance while they watch videos and complete activities.

🎯 Personalized Tutoring: If a topic feels tricky, our tutors jump in! We offer personalized tutoring sessions, ensuring your child fully understands every subject.

📚 Comprehensive Resources: We bridge knowledge gaps with tailored printed resources and engaging videos, making learning exciting and accessible.

Time Management Mastery: We teach essential time management skills, empowering your child to balance study and play effectively.

📝 Exam Prep Expertise: Prepare for exams with confidence! Our expert guidance helps your child study efficiently, ensuring they're ready to excel.

🔐 Think Digital Academy Exam Invigilation: For Think Digital Academy students, we provide a secure exam environment, ensuring integrity and fairness during tests.


Empower your child with the tools they need to thrive academically and beyond. Enroll now and watch them flourish! 🌱✨


Visit us on www.learning-studio.co.za or WhatsApp us on 0649149588 to enrol now


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Leories Akademie is 'n bekostigbare, passievolle


Graad R – 11




Leerders ontvang weekliks lesse vir al die vakke met werkskaarte en lesmateriaal




In ons klaskamers is daar geleentheid vir vrae, sowel as ons Telegramgroepe per graad.


  Assesserings, rapporte & sertifikate


Kwartaalliks ontvang leerders toetse/eksamens en dan na afloop, ontvang hul rapporte en sertifikate.


Ons verskaf nie net die kurrikulum nie, maar vat hande met ons ouers om hul te help en die nodige leiding te gee vir suksesvolle tuisonderrig.



 www.leories.co.za            087 550 0434





Parents and educators – these popular reading books with outstanding track record of success are available in South Africa for the first time ever - at affordable prices!

The Sunrise Readers are a reading scheme consisting of a delightful series of carefully structured reading books, to be used in the first years of a child’s  education.

The vocabulary accumulates gradually and the children are soon reading lively, interesting stories.

The Sunrise Readers consist of twelve books, taking your child from pre-reading to reading competency. They are different from other similar available reading schemes in that their context is local, and relevant for the children of Africa. Also, they have a well-proven track record of success with children of all cultures in Zimbabwe - their reputation having been established for over thirty years. Our simple, user-friendly approach to teaching reading has made them effective and very popular with parents, children and teachers alike.

The step-by-step parents’/teachers’ manual is available to read online, or as a free downloadable PDF on our website – along with many other free helpful resources like games, word cards and work sheets.

Visit our website: https://sunriseliteracy.com/

Contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Published in Cape Town by Sunrise Educational Publishing (Pty) Ltd 



Dumb Ox Learning offers Advanced Placement exams. (APs)

What are AP exams?

They are American exams offered by the College Board. Students in America and many other countries in the world sit these exams.

Why do AP exams?

United Kingdom
You've probably heard of A-levels.. they are similar to APs, in terms of university entrance, but their advantage is that APs are only one year course as opposed to two. For good UK universities you need 3 A Levels or 3 APs. As APs are only a one year course they are much more straightforward to do.

In the US you need APs to gain entry to highly selective colleges. Many US universities don't require APs, but if you have them your application will certainly look more impressive and you get college credit for them. So the standard is an AP gives you 3 college credits.

Other countries
Many other countries accept these exams for university entrance. The list on the College Board site of those that do is very long!

You may be enrolled in an on-line school, following a homeschool program or designing your own High School Diploma, and need other exam qualifications. Dumb Ox Learning offers full school year AP preparation classes to homeschool students.

APs are a great way to achieve qualifications for University entrance requirements, and also earn high school credits as honors courses.

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Excel LABS


Practical science in an equipped lab


Excel LABS is a provider of practical science lessons, in Parkmore, Sandton, Johannesburg. We offer practical classes for children from age 10 years to A-Level learners.

Primary phase learners will gain insight into the world of life science, physical science and earth & space science through a comprehensive course of fun, practical activities. Designed to instill a love for learning and questioning the world around us, young learners aged 10 to 12, will be guided through a series of exciting topics. Learners aged 12-15 embark on more challenging activities, deepening their knowledge and understanding of the sciences and laying a foundation toward further study in Grades 10-12, International GCSE and A-Levels.

Secondary phase learners are introduced to lab procedures, including safety, etiquette and equipment usage. Learners work at individual, equipped lab stations, providing essential practical skills and access to specialised equipment. Biology, Chemistry and Physics practical courses are offered at International GCSE and AS levels. Our courses are in line with the British International syllabi and exam requirements, although the skills developed are advantageous for learners of all curricula. The AS courses provide comprehensive coverage of the practical syllabi at a steady pace and increase opportunities for experimentation, discussion and improving depth of understanding. 

Full day exam preparation workshops are held over weekends just before each exam sitting and offer intensive practical training to learners who have little to no practical experience and are unable to attend regular practicals throughout the year. They are intensive and cover difficult and most often examined topics and skills. Biology, Chemistry and Physics workshops run each April and September for International GCSE alternative-to-practical and AS practical examinations.


Contact us to book your place. Discounts for multiple subjects and siblings.


Centres, tutors and homeschool co-ops are welcome to enquire about group packages and customisable courses, tailored to your learners' needs.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

083 254 1373

Facebook: @exceltutorhub

Instagram: @exceltutorhub

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The A.C.E. programme is uniquely suited to home education, developing character in learners while learning is taking place.

The A.C.E. programme:

  • is Bible-based,
  • has a truly individualised approach,
  • is based on the principle of mastery learning,
  • nurtures your child’s unique talents,
  • has fully worked out modules,
  • is self-instructional and self-paced,
  • is suitable for the South African context,
  • includes online supplementary resources,
  • is available from Grades R-12.

The A.C.E. programme promotes:

  • character building – learners are taught not only how to make a living, but also how to live!
  • a love for learning – guiding individuals to achieve their full potential.
  • wholesome, traditional values are built into the learning process.
  • accountability – learners take responsibility for their own learning.
  • reasoning skills – learners learn to think creatively and problem-solve.
  • goal setting – a skill that sets them up for success throughout life.


A.C.E. - Where Academic Excellence and Character Matter!

Accelerate your child to their full potential in Christ by introducing them to the A.C.E. experience!

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our innovative education solutions at 087 820 4858 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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