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Popular homeschooling approaches and styles ...

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Home education is generally less expensive than school education, because home education does not require school buildings and teachers. However, in families where both parents work outside the home, the choice for home education often requires that one of the parents has to stop working, in order to be involved in the education of the children. Due to the loss of this income, many parents view home education as an expensive form of education. However, if all the costs of schooling (e.g. school fess, clothes, transport), as well as the costs associated with working, are taken into account, home education is not as expensive as is generally perceived. The online calculator is an attempt to provide a tool to calculate to nett cost of home education.

Legal & Research

Research on Home Education

Research on home education consistently proves that home learners

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Homeschooling and the law

Home schooling was recognized in 1996 in the SA Schools Act.

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History of homeschooling in SA

History of home education in South Africa (Wikipedia article)

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Learning centre overview

Homeschool, micro-school, learning centre, unregistered private

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Start a Learning Centre

Important considerations when starting a learning centre

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Find a learning centre

There are various ways to find learning centres. Since there is

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Homeschool Family blogs

Blogs by homeschooling families that share their experiences and ...


Tutors provide additional support to homeschooling parents. ... ...

Support Groups

Forums where parents and learners discuss issues with each other and ...

Assessment Tools

Homeschoolers make use of a variety of formal and informal ...


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Internationally recognized, Cambridge accredited Boston online Home ...


Are you a Wingulian and just don't know it yet?   Do you need a ...

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