Since its inception in 1992, the Association for Homeschooling has promoted the recognition of the right of parents to educate their children within the family in South Africa, as it is recognised in art. 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right which states: “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.” Since 2010, the Association also promotes these parental rights in the larger Southern Africa region.

The Association achieves it’s mission through the following initiatives:

  1. Interacting with government and the media to promote the rights of parents (See the letters of the Association under the “Media” tab of the website).

  2. Informing parents about home education by providing documents that are available on the website. See the “Getting Started”, “Legal” and “Matric” tabs on the website.

  3. Keeping the homeschooling community informed on current affairs related to home education by means of the Blog on the website, a Facebook page a Twitter feed and a Youtube channel.

  4. Bringing homeschooling parents and the suppliers of educational products and services in contact with each other by providing an advertising facility. See the “Curriculums etc.” and “Events” tabs on the website.

  5. Bringing homeschooling parents in contact with other homeschooling parents. See the “Support” tab on the website.

  6. Keeping suppliers of educational products and services by maintaining and mailing list of educational suppliers and distributing a newsletter about marketing opportunities and regulatory developments to these suppliers.

The website went live in Jan. 2011 and has since then been established as the most comprehensive website on homeschooling in South Africa. Sometimes it receives more than 10 000 visits in one month. A journalist from Fair Lady that wrote an article on homeschooling said the following about the website : " many people recommended the SA Homeschoolers website that I’ve included it in the piece as a trusted resource for people wanting more information."

Legal & Research

Legal Status

Home Education is legal in South Africa and internationally.

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Homeschool Research

Research consistently proves that homelearners perform better.

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History of homeschooling in South

History of home education in South Africa   Home schooling (which

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Start a Learning Centre

Important considerations when starting a learning centre

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Learning centre overview

Regulatory environment & support for learning centres

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How to find a learning centre

Since there is no central registry of learning centres, they are

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Homeschool ABC



Popular homeschooling approaches and styles ...

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5 Easy steps to start homeschooling ...

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How to choose a curriculum for your family ...

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Homeschool family blogs

Blogs by homeschooling families sharing their experiences and advice. ...

Support Groups

Parents living in the same area that support each other. ....... ...

Homeschool Forums

Where homeschoolers in South Africa discuss and share ... ...


Tutors provide additional support to homeschooling parents. ... ...


GED Academy

  Original suppliers of GED Academy in South Africa - a self paced ...

Beit HaSefer

  Persoonlike Nommer-pas Tuisonderig deur Beit HaSefer (Geen ‘een ...

School Accounting Made Easy

SCHOOL ACCOUNTING MADE EASY Internet lessons in Afrikaans and ...


We offer an integrated education solution that gives you full ...

Q & A

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There are a number of ways that homelearners can get a matric. The most popular form of matric is the academic matric. W...
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What is the best curriculum?
There is no curriculum that is the best curriculum for all families. Parents must have a look at as many as possible cur...
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Free and 2nd Homeschool resources
The website has a list of selected free resources that are available, as well as a service where hom...
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