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Popular homeschooling approaches and styles ...

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Should parents register for homeschooling?

South African politicians are known for entertaining bizarre opinions on various topics. This tradition is now also starting to affect homeschooling parents.The current state president, Jacob Zuma, testified in court that he believes that taking a shower reduces the risk of being infected by AIDS.  Previous president, Thabo Mbeki criticized the scientific consensus that HIV does cause AIDS. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, a previous health minister, promoted the use of unproven herbal remedies...

Universiteite word oorstroom

university stampedeVolksblad berig dat universiteite in Suid-Afrika word oorstroom deur aansoeke. Die Universiteit van Johannesburg het net plek vir 10 500 studente, maar het 114 000 aansoeke ontvang. Dit impliseer dat universiteite net ongeveer 10% van die aansoeke aanvaar. Indien die vraag na universiteitsopleiding baie groter is as die aanbod, dan lei dit tot die vraag waarom universiteite nie uitbrei om aan die vraag te kan voldoen nie. Indien universiteite in ’n...

Legal & Research

Legal Status

Home Education is legal in South Africa and internationally.

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Homeschool Research

Research consistently proves that homelearners perform better.

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History of homeschooling in South

History of home education in South Africa   Home schooling (which

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How to find a learning centre

Since there is no central registry of learning centres, they are

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Start a Learning Centre

Important considerations when starting a learning centre

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Learning centre overview

Regulatory environment & support for learning centres

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Homeschool Forums

Where homeschoolers in South Africa discuss and share ... ...

Support Groups

Parents living in the same area that support each other. ....... ...

Homeschool family blogs

Blogs by homeschooling families sharing their experiences and advice. ...


Tutors provide additional support to homeschooling parents. ... ...


Career Online High School

American High School Diploma in 18 months or less Fully Accredited ...

GED Academy

  Original suppliers of GED Academy in South Africa - a self paced ...

Brainline - Breinlyn

’n Blinker toekoms deur afstandsonderrig met Breinlyn! Breinlyn ...

Beit HaSefer

Persoonlike Nommer-pas Tuisonderig deur Beit HaSefer (Geen ‘een ...

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