Pretoria Smart Saplings Homeschool Group

Facebook group for home school parents in the Pretoria area. Click here to visit the group.


 Pretoria North

Pretoria North and surrounding area home school moms are welcome to join us for monthly outings, factory tours, picnics and get togethers. We try and reserve the 2nd Friday for ice skating and the last Friday of the month for an outing. There are moms with small babies, primary school children and a small group of teenagers that usually get together month to month. Anyone living in the northern parts of Pretoria, Moot or even out Moloto way are welcome to join us. 

Contact the group via the private support group mailing list.


Pretoria East Homeschool Friends

Hierdie groep wil graag 'n sosiale groepie wees in Pretoria Oos vir kids tussen 7 en 12! (Laerskool). Engels of Afrikaans Sprekend! Kliek hier om aan te sluit by die Facebook groep van hierdie ondersteuningsgroep.



A homeschooling group at the Valhalla Scout hall on the 2nd Friday of every month - starting next Friday (Feb 8th). I'm open to ideas, but initially am thinking of some social times for Moms and kids, perhaps some entrepreneurship for the kids, and just sharing ideas and supporting each other. We'll meet from 09:00 - 12:00 if you're interested. Contact the group via the private support group mailing list.


'n Sosiale kuier elke 1ste Vrydag van die maand. Maandelikse boekbesprekings. Ouers en kinders kom bymekaar by die Smuts huis in Irene. Kontak die groep deur 'n boodskap te stuur aan die private ondersteuningsgroep poslys.


Hartebeespoortdam / Schoemansville

We want to arrange a get together for all the moms and kids in the Hartbeespoort area. We will arrange monthly outings and perhaps extra-murals to those parents interested. Contact the group via the private support group mailing list.


Rayton/Kleinfontein omgewing

Die ‘Tuisfront Ondersteuningsgroep’ kom twee weekliks bymekaar kom op ‘n Vrydag middag. Kontak die groep deur 'n boodskap te stuur aan die private ondersteuningsgroep poslys.



Click here to send a message to a private list of support groups. They will contact you if they can assist you.

Kliek hier om 'n boodskap te stuur aan 'n private poslys van ondersteuningsgroepe. Hulle sal u kontak as hulle u kan help.



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