Career Assessment for 1 person

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Career Assessment program systematically prepares the child ready for the job market and / or further studies. The whole process is managed on web-based platform and involves both child and the leading figure or mentor (for example the parent).

Once the order is placed through the Tuisskolers.Org website, your details will be forwarded to Career Manager which will create your account in the web-based platform and take the process from there.

It is assumed that the person that places the order is the parent, and they will be created as mentors on the Career Manager system. The child will be created as a separate user on the system and this user will be associated with the mentor. Once the order has been received, Career Manager will contact the parents to get all the required details.

Terms & Conditions for Career Manager

  • Parents should start the process within a month after the purchase, following the details of the program which consists of weekly steps.

  • The parents should be prepared to provide a monthly evaluation to Career Manager.
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