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Opportunities and caveats of 2nd Hand homeschooling material

Many homeschooling families work on a tight budget, because they have to live on a single income. One way in which such families can reduce the cost of their home education is to buy or sell second-hand curriculums. Sometimes a family buys a curriculum and finds out after a few weeks that the curriculum does not work for them. Such a family would like to sell this curriculum in order to recover some of these losses.

There are various channels through which homeschooling families can buy and sell second-hand curriculum materials, but there are also some caveats that parents should be aware of. Read more.

Channels for buying and second-hand curriculums

Second-hand homeschooling curriculums can be bought and sold through the following channels:

  1. The 2nd hand page of the website has a facility through which one can buy and sell 2nd homeschooling material. You can view advertisements on this website by selecting “Curriculums etc.” on the main menu and then clicking on the “2nd Hand” option. If you want to place advertisements, you must be registered as a user of the website and logged into the website. When logged in, an option will be available in the top right hand corner to place a 2nd hand advertisement. The advertisement can contain text as well as images.
  2. The “sahomeschoolcurriculum” mailing list is a Yahoo mailing list that is dedicated to buying and selling 2nd Hand homeschooling material. There is a link to the mailing list on the 2nd hand page of with instructions on how to join the mailing list.
  3. The website hosted by Cambridge247. This is a website that sells new books, but offers a facility to buy and sell 2nd hand books for free.
  4. Homeschooling materials can also be bought and sold via traditional classified advertisings services such as Gumtree and Junk Mail.


There are some curriculum suppliers that require their customers to sign a commitment that they will not resell the curriculum material. This is perfectly legal, as long as the curriculum suppliers inform parents about this before they buy the curriculum. Parents that do not want to sign such commitments are fully entitled to give the curriculum back and get their money back if they are only informed of this condition after they bought the curriculum. If parents are aware of this condition and they voluntarily sign such a commitment, they are contractually bound to honour the commitment.

It must additionally be noted that only parents that buy the curriculum from a supplier and sign a commitment, are obliged to honour the commitment. Those buying a second-hand curriculum from other parents without making such a commitment have no such contractual obligation.

This practise by some curriculum suppliers must also not be confused with Copyright. Copyright relates to reproduction, not resale.

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