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Government bans bonuses and perks for teachers has reported earlier that although public education in South Africa in general is a failure, there are still a number of public schools that provide excellent results. These schools have parent committees that are actively involved and even appoint additional teachers at their own cost.

During 2012, legislation will be making it increasingly difficult to provide high quality education. Read more.

  • The new Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) will take away the freedom of teachers to use their own judgement to decide what the optimal time allocation is for their unique circumstances.
  • When the central procurement of materials is introduced, these schools will also lose the freedom to select the material that best meets their needs.
  • It has now been reported that government has banned school governing bodies from paying perks and bonuses to principals and teachers at former Model C schools.

All these actions by government will ensure that private schools and home education will be the only places where high quality education can be provided. Tim Gordon, of the Governing Body Foundation of 106 former Model C schools said: "The regulations promote mediocrity at the expense of excellence by outlawing any form of bonus for work well done."

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Monday, 23 October 2017
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