Tailor made Home Education by Beit HaSefer

(No ‘one size fits all’ products!)

What is Beit HaSefer?
Are you looking for educational material? Well, you are not alone. Beit HaSefer has become the educational product solution to many people, but foremost are the parents who take the responsibility of educating their children at home on themselves. Unlike ‘service providers’ who extend their system of education to your home or educational environment, Beit HaSefer is a product supplier. We offer a flexible and cost effective approach to educating children anywhere and anytime. In other words – we provide educational solutions where the need is educational products. Beit HaSefer is THEHouse of the Book” though you will get more than just books from us.

Where is Beit HaSefer?
Beit HaSefer services include a post delivery service. Telephonic orders are processed promptly and delivery takes place at your preferred address. Many prefer to visit us in Pretoria, South Africa, while for others we are as close as their telephone.

What is the meaning of ‘Beit HaSefer’?
Beit HaSefer" is a Hebrew term with several meanings. Firstly "Beit" means "House" and "Sefer" means "Book". The meaning of "Ha" is "the", making up the literal meaning "House the Book". Better translated it has several meanings. Firstly it means "House of the book"- i.e. “the house where you will find books”. Secondly, as a proper Hebrew term, it simply means "School". The third and most important meaning is "House of the BOOK". For our family, all statements apply, especially the last one because "the BOOK" (which people refer to as “the Bible”) takes the most prominent “book-place” in our home and lives. To sum this up; our lives are based on “the BOOK” and as home educating family we use many “books” while we focus on helping other people with high quality “books” and other educational products.

What does Beit HaSefer offer you?
We offer you “THE BEST TOOL for the job” for the best possible price!
We help you to analise your needs and then show you what is available. You (and your children) choose the best suitable product from the widest range of products available. We consider different learning styles, personalities and approaches to learning and guide you in selecting what you prefer among the greatest range of products available in this country. We have been helping and advising people in this way since 1997 though we did not supply them with products at that stage. Remember, when you need to find proper study material – we only help you, we make no choices on your behalf. All Educational Department approved, and many other books and educational products are available from us.

Please contact Lindi at:
Beit HaSefer (House of the Book )
Tel: 012-546-0701
Fax: 012-546-0701
Cell:072 268 2237
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://www.beithasefer.co.za

Educational Products & Services

  • Software
  • School Books & Other Educational Books
  • Educational Utilities
  • Home Education, General Education, Training & Development Consulting
  • Instructional Design & Curriculum Development
  • Safety and Health Advice, Products and Equipment
  • We post/courier/deliver worldwide

Service with a smile

Note: Contact us for the widest range of educational products (Educational Software / Kaspersky Internet Security & Anti-Virus Software/ Educational Computer Hardware / Edutainment / CD-ROMs / DVD's / School Books / Reference Material / Remedial Teaching Aids and many more)

We specialize in customizing the educational products you use so that individual learner’s personal needs be attended to. Products are selected from the widest range available based on your children’s individual and personal learning styles and needs. We also consider your religious and other personal preferences.


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