BJU American Literature 2nd edition Package Grade 12

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Grade 12   BJU American Literature 2nd edition Package Grade 12     American Literature Teacher`s Manual ISBN: 978-

Grade 12


BJU American Literature 2nd edition Package Grade 12



American Literature Teacher`s Manual ISBN: 978-1-57924-736-2

Consists of two parts, book 1 & book 2

Includes answers to all questions in the workbook 


American Literature Workbook ISBN: 1-59166-438-1

Includes story quizes & chapter reviews 


American Literature Test Answers sheets (included)

American Literature Test sheets (included)




This 1 year coarse cronologicaly covers classical, modern, and cultural literature of the United States from the 17nth century when first colony was established. It covers early american literature, merican romanticism, realism, naturalism, andmodern poetry & prose. The book which has over 700 pages is colorfuly illustrated with drawings and illustrations. In this book literature is anylized from a christian perspective and is specificaly designed for homeschool teaching.


 condition = good



 Price = R600


Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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