South African citizens have the right to vote. If you have the right to vote, it means that you have the choice to vote, or not to vote. If voting was compulsory, then it would not be a right, but a duty.

During previous elections, about 25% of South Africans decided not to vote. People have done this for various reasons. Some were just too lazy to vote. Some do not believe that voting for a political party will make a difference. Others do not vote as a matter of principle.

The majority of citizens however do vote. Many of these citizens find it difficult to make a choice on who to vote for, because there is such a large number of political parties to choose from, and it takes some effort to work out which party is mostly in line with your personal values.

The organisation “Africa Christian Action” has compiled a voter’s guide that lists the policy of the different political parties on a number of biblical issues.

Homeschooling parents are citizens that believe that education is the responsibility of parents. One of the issues that is listed in the voter’s guide is : “Education: Parent Controlled and for Religious Freedom”. Homeschooling parents that have decided to vote, should therefore seriously consider to vote for a party that believes that education is the responsibility of parents.

Many citizens do not vote, because politicians are not held accountable for what they do. In order to address this issue, an initiative has been launched to help citizens to hold politicians accountable. Click here for more information on this initiative.