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Homeschooling High School - Review

Parents considering home education are often overwhelmed by the endless list of Google search results. They can spend hours on the internet, and still do not know where to start. This is frustrating to parents who want to make a decision on the education of their children, but have limited time.

When the children are young, this problem is not that big, because parents mainly need to understand a few legal aspects, focus on a some basics such as reading, writing and arithmetic and fill in the rest as the family sees fit. When the children are older however, parents have much bigger concerns in planning for the child's future. They ask questions like can I teach high school subjects? How can home learners get a matric? How to get access to university? How to get a job?

Parents need one place where all these concerns are addressed, and this has been realized by the book "Homeschooling High School" by Shirley Erwee and  published by Struik Lifestyles. Shirley writes with authority on the subject of homeschooling  as she is the mother of six children and has been homeschooling since 1997. She is also the co-author and author of 4 other South African home education programs.

Homeschooling High School is a full length South African focused homeschool handbook  which answers all the above mentioned questions and more. The first part of the book provides an overview of the frequently asked questions like the benefits, legal aspects, socialisation etc. Then it explains in detail the different matric options that are available and how to get access to university. 

It is written in a very practical way with lots of references to websites, telephone numbers and email addresses. The advice is illustrated with real examples of what other homeschool parents have done. The book closes with the real life stories on the journeys of home learners that have completed their home education and are now active in the workplace. Although the road to matric seems like a road with lots of red tape, these stories will inspire parents to persevere.

South African home school  parents can benefit much from the information in this comprehensive handbook. They can keep it at hand on their coffee table for a quick reference as it will give them direction and support on their journey to the finishing line of their home education.

The book is available in printed form only and has 166 pages. Click here to order the book.


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