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Homeschool Associations to meet Department of Education

Various homeschool organisations have been invited to meetings with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) on 9 and 10 October to discuss changes to regulations and policies on home education.

The following organisations will represent homeschooling parents during these meetings:

  • Association for Homeschooling (Bouwe van der Eems, Shaun Green )

  • Cape Home Educators (Johan Heckroodt, Linda Heckroodt)

  • Eastern Cape Homeschool Association (Marie Kuhlmann)

  • Gauteng Association for Homeschooling (Jacs Lemmer)

  • KZN Association for Homeschooling (Elize van der Merwe)

  • Pestalozzi Trust (Andre Williams, Leendert van Oostrum)
Joy Leavesley, a homeschooling mother that has been invited in her personal capacity, a selection of curriculum suppliers and various other government representatives will attend the meetings as well.

The meetings will be hosted at the National Cultural History Museum in Pretoria and the agenda of the meeting is provided below. Homeschoolers can stay updated through the following channels:
The representatives of these associations are all volunteers. The associations have limited funds available to pay for the travel expenses to attend these meetings.

In order to support the associations, please SMS the word "home" to 40580 and donate R20 per SMS.

Agenda for 9 October
0900-1000 Registration and refreshments -
1000-1015 Welcome and introductions Dr Simelane  (DBE)
1015-1045 Discussion and adoption of the programme -
1045-1100 Appointment of a Steering Committee for the meeting
1100-1130 Presentation : "What it is and what it is not?" Cape Home Educators & KZN Association
1130-1230 Questions and Discussion -
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1400 Presentation : "The legal basis for Home Education in South Africa" Pestalozzi Trust
1400-1500 Responses, questions and discussion
1500-1530 Tea Break
1530-1600 Presentation : "Educational challenges faced by Home Educators" Cape Home Educators & KZN Association
1600-1700 Responses, questions and discussion

Steering committee to meet
Dr Simelane  (DBE)

Dr Trevor Coombe (DBE)

Agenda for 10 October
0900-1000 Refreshments -
1000-1030 Presentation : "What Home Educators expect from the State" Association for Homeschooling & Eastern Cape Association
1030-1100 Responses, questions and discussion -
1100-1300 Presentation : "Home Education learning programmes and tuition centres: What are the issues?"
Prof R Niemann (Impak)
1130-1200 Responses, questions and discussion -
1200-1245 Lunch Break
1245-1315 Presentation : "Home Education learner assessment: What are the issues?" Dr Rufus Poliah (DBE)
1315-1345 Responses, questions and discussion Dr Gustav Niebuhr (SACAI)
1345-1415 DBE’s Draft Discussion Document on Home Education Dr Trevor Coombe (DBE)
1415-1500 Responses, questions and discussion -
1500-1530 Summary of important issues and proposed appointment of DBE / Home Education Liaison Committee Dr Simelane  (DBE)
1530-1545 Closing remarks -

National Cultural History Museum
Meeting with Dept of Basic Education : Day 1
Staat neem volle beheer oor onderwys

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Comments 1

LINDY GREAVES on Wednesday, 08 October 2014 14:08

Thank you to all those hard-working volunteers who are representing the homeschooling community. We appreciate all your effort. Our thoughts and prayers are with you this week. A monumental week indeed for homeschooling in SA.

Thank you to all those hard-working volunteers who are representing the homeschooling community. We appreciate all your effort. Our thoughts and prayers are with you this week. A monumental week indeed for homeschooling in SA.
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Monday, 21 August 2017
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